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Labs and research groups in experimental economics:

Al Roth's Game Theory and Experimental Economics Page 
University of Amsterdam (Netherlands) Center for Research in Experimental Economics and Political Decision-Making 
Learning and Experimental Economics Projects of Santa Cruz (University of California, USA) 
University of Arizona (USA) Economic Science Laboratory 
Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (Spain) Instituto de Analisis Economico (CSIC)
  Humboldt Universität zu Berlin (Germany) Institut für Wirtschaftstheorie III
University of Bonn (Germany) Laboratorium für experimentelle Wirtschaftsforschung 
University of Cologne (Germany) Laboratorium 
University of Erfurt (Germany) Erfurt laboratory for experimental economics
University of IOWA (USA) Economic Science Association 
Universitat Jaume I of Castellón (Spain) Laboratori d'Economia Experimental 
Hebrew University of Jerusalem RatioLab Interactive Decision Laboratory 
Universitat Pompeu Fabre (Spain) Department of Economics and Business
University of Trento (Italy) Experimental Economics Laboratory 
  Ludwig Boltzmann Institute Vienna (Austria) Institut für Wachstumsforschung
University of York (United Kingdom) Centre for Experimental Economics
University of Mannheim Experimentallabor des SFB 504
Strasbourg Experimental Economics Laboratory of Strasbourg
Penn State Laboratory for Economic Management and Auctions (LEMA)

Publications and documentation on experimental economics:

International list of Economics Working papers from the Economics Department of Washington University. Category 'C9' of this list contains papers in the field of Experimental Economics. 
University of Helsinki WebEc - Economic Institutions 
University of York Experimental Economics Listserver 
Business School Hong Kong cEBR Guide to Experimental Business Research 

Software for experimental economics:

ORSEE, the Online Recruitment System for Economic Experiments is an impressive piece of software of Ben Greiner, with an extensive manual in pdf-format.
University of Bonn RatImage 3.10 Research Assistance Toolbox for Computer-Aided Human Behavior Experiments 
Economics Software (Helsinki, Finland) Economics Data and Computing 


The Economic Science Association is a professional organization devoted to experimental economics.

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